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Verbal Behavior & Immigration (How Do Words Become Racist?)

 Verbal Behavior & Immigration (How Do Words Become Racist?)

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Watch at your convenience
Taped webinar-1 CEU

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Number of Type 2** CEUs: 1 (General)

Event Fee: $10 for CEU, $5 w/o CEU (use coupon code StudentX)

Instructors: AJ Rodrigue, BCBA (BehaviorMomma) & Megan Sullivan Kirby, BCBA (UncomfortableX)

Behavior Analytic Content: Verbal Behavior, Policy, Law, Shaping, CMO-R

Date of recording: Sunday, 22 September 2019; online

Description: UncomfortableX presents an opportunity for individuals to learn more about the history of language related to immigration and how it is used to shape human behavior, from public opinion to policy and law. The science of behavior analysis can be used promote equity and acceptability of variation in culture at both the unit and systems level. Therefore, this 1 hour webinar will present a conceptual analysis of the language used in policy, journalism and everyday conversation related to immigration, to include but not limited to: illegal, alien, undocumented, immigrant, migrant, refugee. Antecedents and consequences of verbal behavior related to immigration and immigrants will be examined at a systems and unit (individual/personal) level. UncomfortableX is excited to bring behavior analysis into the world of social justice, starting with the words we use. Understanding how our verbal behavior influences what others think about us and respond to us is key to being an effective disseminator and practitioner. Let's scale our science to better the world through acceptability and non-violent human rights movements. 

Event is Designed For: Anyone, Event Level: Beginner

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