For Your Consideration

Woman with Loudspeaker at a Public Demonstration

"The Scarlet P"

Why it's okay to be politically active and how to do so ethically

Are you?


Why are we so comfortable being comfortable? 


As behavior analysts, scientists, clinicians, or other related service providers, we engage in a diverse world and work on a variety of socially-significant issues to improve the quality of life for our clients and ourselves. However, we awkwardly dance around issues that are facing our field and our businesses right now, in our current social and professional circles. We aim to change that, by supporting each other in our roles as activists for positive change.

UncomfortableX is a low-cost provider of behavior analytic continuing education, via live events and webinars (live and pre-recorded). We are committed to bringing traditionally underrepresented and marginalized voices and topics to a larger audience, making space to increase diversity in the fields of behavior analysis, education and science.


It is free to join the community and access our Members Only activism resources, networking forum and more. Membership plans are available to support our events and continuation of this platform. We've been here since 2017 and will be around until we work ourselves out of a need for existence. We look forward to that day!

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