I cry. I get angry. I feel alone. I am disappointed.

Another boat full of migrants capsized in the sea. A four-month-old baby was separated from their parent by U.S. government officials. Pregnant women are sleeping on floors in a unit called “The Fridge,” the NRA is lobbying to loosen the sale of guns abroad, where weapons will go the very same people in the very same countries triggering mass migration to America, and resulting refugees are being locked up in former-Japanese internment/Native American concentration camps. I'm uncomfortable about how the U.S. government is treating fellow global citizens, and know it's nothing new. But at what point will we speak up for those who cannot, especially as human rights violations increase in severity and rate under the Trump Administration?

Silence is complicity. So, here are 5 actions , if you're like me, let's do this project together.

1. Contact your representatives.

Call, email, tweet—send all the DMs. Let them know how you, a voting constituent, are NOT okay with your government engaging in severe mass human rights violations. See our script training document for an example of an autoclitic frame that can be generalized to other social justice issues!

2. Keep their stories alive.

Let’s not turn away. Did you know that the U.S. government has not reunited all children with their families after separating them at the U.S.-Mexico border? Even worse, children as young as 4 months old are the victims, and many of the children and minors are now in for-profit facilities across the US (Homestead, FL to Staunton, VA). Share news stories and images on social media and tag your local and congressional representatives.

3. Volunteer expertise, time, tangible resources.

Remotely, many organizations need volunteers who can assist remotely with case support, translations, and other tasks. Locally, volunteer attorneys, doctors, mental health professionals, techies, social workers and behavior analysts can help provide support to the children and families.

If you’re in an area close to the US-Mexico border, volunteer for organizations like Al Otro Lado, made up of “volunteer attorneys, doctors, mental health professionals, tech professionals, social workers, and any other individual who is passionate about immigrant rights” (https://alotrolado.org/volunteer/).

If you are a member of a religious organization, reach out to join in faith-based efforts with systems already in place.

Join us in creating a list of organizations associated with supporting immigrant and refugee rights.

4. Encourage your family and friends to help you

Organize a letter writing campaign with friends at your house. Use our scripts, write post cards/letters and create a community action center within your own home. Just one evening of phone calls and stamping letters with friends, family, drinks and snacks could mean life vs. death to a human being locked in one of the U.S. Government detention centers.

5. If nothing else, forgo a drive-thru item and donate

Support the volunteers, immigration lawyers, humanitarian aides and journalists working directly at the border and in the detention facilities. Add to this list with your favorite organizations in this link!